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From the science of sound itself, to composition, to musical notation, music and mathematics are deeply related. Studying music for its own sake can help students become strong learners in other subject, including science and math, through the understanding of fractions and ratios, and the practice of memorization. Beginning in March the STEM Education and Outreach Center will host guitar lessons.

INSTRUCTOR: Mr. White is a lifelong musician. He has played guitar for several NC bands and composed music for local dance performances. Mr. White teaches English and Humanities, and has taught camps on Mathematics and Music. He is deeply interested in music theory and loves helping motivated students learn.

LEVEL: Mr. White is currently accepting beginner students for his lessons. Lessons will include guitar basics, elementary music theory, and improvisation techniques.

PRICE: Lessons are $30 for each half hour lesson, or $50 for 2 lessons per week.

TIME: Lessons can be scheduled in the early afternoon time on weekdays and on Saturday mornings.

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